True Value Brand Bird Food

True Value, 10 LB, Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seed, Bag. 20 lb Wild Bird Food also available at same price.

Price:  $4.99

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Duracell Optimum Batteries

Duracell Optimum, 12 Pack, "AA" Battery, New Innovation In Alkaline, A Second Active Ingredient Has Been Added For More Energy Which Offers Extra Life & Extra Power, Provides 45% More Power, Also available in "AAA" size.

Price:  $14.99

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Pet Expert Dog Food

Pet Expert, 50 LB, Dog Food, Meat Flavored, 100% Complete & Balance Nutrition To Help Your Dog Stay In Top Shape, Meets The AAFCO Nutrient Profiles For All Life Stages Of The Dog, 21% Protein & 8% Fat SKU 169090

Price:  $16.99

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Holiday Wonderland LED Light Reels

Holiday Wonderland, 200 Count, Multi, C3, LED Light Set, Green Wire, 3" Spacing, 12" Lead, 4" End, 49.8' Lighted Length, 51' Total Length, On Spool. Available in Cool White, Warm white or multicolored.

Price:  $14.99

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Peak Gal. 50/50 Antifreeze

Peak, Gallon 50/50 Antifreeze, 10X More Scale Fighting Inhibitors, Compatible For Use In All Automobiles & Light Duty Trucks, Prediluted, No Need To Add Water, Mixes With Any Color Antifreeze (also available in Full-Strength). Limit 2 per household.

Price:  $6.99 (after rebate)

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TruFuel 50:1 Engineerd Fuel + Oil

TruFuel 32 OZ, Pre-Mixed Fuel & Oil, 50:1, For All 2 Cycle Trimmers, Chainsaws & Other Small Air Cooled Engines Requiring 50:1 Gas/Oil Mix. Also available in 110 oz size for $19.99

Price:  $5.99

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