McFarlane is proud to have served the Sauk County community for over 100 years. We've learned and have grown with you and we work every day to ensure we can serve you for 100 more.

When Bob, Jim, and Chuck McFarlane decided “to come home and help Dad,” at the end of World War II, they had no idea their combined efforts would develop the family business into a multi-faceted organization they would one day turn over to their sons. Their father, Earl, started the Wisconsin Tractor Company in 1917, when he designed and built the tractor named after his home state -- a design considered modern for its day and thus very successful. Since that time, McFarlane Mfg. Co. has diversified and expanded to house four equally strong businesses eager and proud to serve the customers in our community.

McFarlane Manufacturing Company Incorporated has the diversity you would expect from a company 10 times its size, and the “small town business ethic” of companies you might think no longer exist in today’s world of corporate giants. Our third generation of family owners have worked alongside hundreds of our community’s finest citizens to build a family of businesses that are surprisingly diversified but ALWAYS customer focused. Whether it’s innovative farm machinery, structural steel fabrication, nationwide transport services, or any of the excellent products and services that we offer in our Retail and Service Center -- McFarlane Mfg. Co. Inc. works tirelessly to provide the “best of class” in all that we do.

In our Retail division alone, we offer a broad range of home repair & improvement products, the largest Stihl power equipment display in America, ag & power equipment, sales, parts & service departments, our Automotive Care Center, Just Ask Rental, and a vast array of True Value products.

History of the Mcfarlane Manufacturing Company

  • The McFarlane Manufacturing Company stands strong in all of its divisions. McFarlane Manufacturing continues to be the pioneer in the agricultural business, inventing and evolving new tools for farmers to create the perfect seedbed.

    The retail division has bounced back and has had some of the strongest years ever. We pride ourselves in our service and the unity with our customers and community.

    The structural steel division continues to grow, working on bigger projects, small projects and everything in between while delivering quality work and building business relationships.

    There is one thing we know for sure, Earl would be proud of where we are today.

  • 2017

    McFarlane Mfg. Co. Inc. celebrates its 100th year of continuous operation as a family owned business in Sauk City, WI.

  • 2015

    After working out of temporary spaces in the old Kohlmann building, a portion of a production facility first built for Fiskars Lawn Tools, and a tire center at 751 Phillips Blvd, John, Dick, Stan, and Tom take a “leap of faith” in response to a tremendous outpouring of support from the Sauk Prairie Community and purchase a 209,000 square foot facility located at 780 Carolina Street in Sauk City.

  • 2014

    McFarlane Mfg introduces the first Universal Tillage Tool – The Incite 5000.

  • 2013

    After 50 years of service to the community McFarlanes’ Retail & Service Center is destroyed by a 4 alarm fire.

  • 2009

    With business booming McFarlane Mfg forms a separate company – McFarlane Transport LLC – in order to deliver farm machinery and structural steel elements nationwide.

  • 2007

    McFarlane Mfg transforms Vertical Tillage Tool capabilities with the McFarlane Reek Disk.

  • 2002

    McFarlane Mfg develops the first “Vertical Tillage Tool” the McFarlane Reel Till.

  • 1994

    McFarlane Mfg introduces the first 16-Bar Harrow.

  • 1987

    The brothers entered into the Steel Fabrication business after acquiring machinery from the Kupfer Foundry in Madison. Thereby establishing McFarlane Mfg – Structural Steel.

  • Mid 1970’s

    John and Dick McFarlane (son’s of Bob), Stan McFarlane (Son of Jim), and Tom McFarlane (Son of Chuck) begin taking over the reins of the company making a successful third generation transition.

  • 1975

    McFarlane Mfg adds an additional 5,000 sq. feet of manufacturing and production space to keep up with demand.

  • 1963

    McFarlanes’ Farm Store opens and has it’s first Customer Appreciation Days event in which they serve 100’s of people a full meal.

  • 1955

    McFarlanes’ Builds a new steel warehouse and in 1956 a wood-working building.

  • 1953

    McFarlane Mfg ships two large loads of harrows to Idaho.

  • 1946

    After WWII, Earl’s sons began taking over the business and immediately began making improvements.

  • 1935

    After researching and talking extensively with local farmers, Earl decides to manufacture his own Harrows, offering them at a significantly lower price compared to the high priced tools on the market.

  • 1925

    After Manufacturing over 600 Wisconsin Tractors the factory ceases to make tractors and reorganizes as McFarlane Mfg Co. Inc. specializing in saw rigs.

  • 1921

    The Wisconsin Tractor Company adds a special Highway truck to their line of tractor products.

  • 1917

    Earl McFarlane, father to Bob, Jim and, Chuck incorporates the Wisconsin Tractor Company and begins manufacturing his innovative tractor at the Shaw Motor Company building.